Everything is Powder

‘Salt, sugar, drugs, make-up, protein shakes, carbs, pharmaceuticals, vitamins…Powder is the thing we use to cope, it’s the thing we take off to be real, and the thing we realise is all we have.’

Powder is the new single from Bliss Carmxn, out tomorrow on Wicked Hag. Channelling ‘Body Talk’ era Robyn and Brazilian Forró powerhouse Banda Calypso ‘Powder’ is a dream-pop synth-powered tale about all the voices who told you you can’t, and about all the false promises – everlasting love, meritocracies, hope just around the corner – that we eat up to think we can.

Catch Bliss Carmxn on BBC Radio London’s ‘The Scene’ Friday 24 January 8-10pm to launch the new single www.bbc.co.uk/radiolondon or 94.9 FM.

Bliss Carmxn will perform at ‘New Queer, New Me’ Doors 7pm, 2 February, Amersham Arms, New Cross, London. Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/552449928640909/

Photo by Jonathan Leung / IG @jeyl_y

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