Moorweg is the solo project of Sam Ratcliffe. Previously he worked as a visual artist, illustrating for Luke Wright amongst other writers from the U.K performance poetry scene. After self-releasing the solo e.p “Wildest Woes” back in 2014, he started the Wicked Hag label to put out collaborative compilations and work on group live shows with other artists. Alongside other Wicked Hag artists, Moorweg has performed at Yo Sissy Music Festival, Rose Hill Tavern in Brighton, The Chateau in London, Madame Claude and Club Keller in Berlin.

While slowly honing his electronic production and moving into synth-pop territory, he put out 3 tracks on the Anti-youth, Crush Fiction and Peak Shame compilations. Wicked Hag has since morphed into a hybrid label/collective venture and started releasing solo tracks.

His first e.p How Sad I Am About This came out in early 2020.

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