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ANTI-YOUTH 12″ Vinyl + Digital Download Link


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Anti-youth is a cornucopia of psych electronica, dreamy vocals and ambient rock. Ten new and established artists from Berlin respond to the theme, connected by their innovative approaches to self-production; Yunas Orchestra use analogue methods of improvisation, merging acid house, jazz and krautrock, which sits comfortably alongside Hyenaz ritualistic sound scavenging. Megafauna solicits strangers in clubs to improvise on tracks while Noll Griffin makes lo-fi bedroom folk recordings and Jake Bellissimo makes chamber pop arrangements with collaborators from his label Drunk With Love.


Yunas Orchestra – Anemone Ride
Hyenaz – It Was Not The Earth
Krimgold – Nothing
Megafauna – At Night
Jake Bellissimo – Piece of Ivy (Highland Mix)


Moorweg – Fount
Moonsign – Wintersend
Carlin Dally – Infinite Calm
Noll Griffin – I Shouldn’t Say
Daiz – Uncertainty in Enjoyably Out of Control Events


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